Thomas Mandl

I’m blessed that I grew up in a safe country like Germany and that I have a European passport. I’m privileged and I want to use that to help people less privileged and our planet. Thomas Mandl

Thomas Mandl is a photographer and activist from Munich. He calls himself an activist because of his political and social projects, and his campaigns. He uses photography to point out injustice in the world and by doing so he believes he will also show a glimpse of what is beautiful in our world. He believes that by portraying the world honestly, he is able to bring out the beauty in the world. 

If people tell me that I can’t change the world, I tell them that I already do and will continue to do so. Thomas Mandl

Thomas has a background in analogue photography and it clearly shines through in his modern work. He has made a conscious choice to keep his photographs as true to life as possible, as he wants to capture beauty in its rawness, and therefore minimizes editing. Another way to keep true to this style is through his mindset rather than equipment - although he often uses digital photography, he thinks analogically and aims to capture the moment in as few exposures as possible. This helps him be present and capture the moment in its truest form.