We give you art with a meaning. As a contrast to mass-produced photography prints - we bring you selected exclusive prints in limited editions where each art piece has a story. A story that uncovers the mind behind the artist, explains the setting and brings out the reflections made in the moment. It's art that deserves real attention and is unique.


At DAC, the story is a central piece. That’s why each art piece also comes with a printed story, so you can hang it up beside the art (or just keep for yourself).


The red thread of the artists at DAC is the documentary feel to their pictures and stories. It’s not arranged or planned, but rather about capturing a specific moment that took place.

The artists are in control of how many copies they are selling, what the price should be, and they keep the bigger part of the profit on their sales.


The artwork by each artist is printed in limited editions on exclusive materials. 

The print is on exclusive fine art paper from Hahnemühle, using the best inkjet printers on the market. Then it’s framed in high quality wood frames with UV protected glass before sending it to you. All with local partners. The art is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a printed version of the story. 


If you're a photo artist doing street photography or documentary and are interested to collaborate with Dandelion, send an email to info@dandelionartclub.com or use the contact form. We would love to hear from you!